Get Your FAFSA Done the Right Way!

Learning to Leverage the FAFSA to Your Advantage will Save You Money!!!

On October 1, 2016 the FAFSA was made available for families to begin applying for the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid. When it says free it means you can do these forms on your own without paying for a professional to assist you. This is also true of state and federal tax forms.


We encourage families to learn how to leverage or "Optimize" their FAFSA rather than just fill the form because it is "free". Many families have concluded that they "just don't qualify for FAFSA" thus millions of dollars go unclaimed because they either improperly fill out FAFSA form or did not know the "rules" on how to lower their EFC.


Why is lowering your EFC important? Because it will save you money plus once your FAFSA is "Optimized", it will be easier to find colleges that are generous and provide more opportunities for gifting instead of just loans. 


Did you know that students with convictions such as drug-related offenses and sexual offenses may not be able to receive federal student aid? If this is the case you should still fill out the FAFSA because some colleges award private funding for students.Your credit score may also affect your ability to get funding.The professionals at College Planning TODAY Services can assist you with that also. 


    High School Seniors and College Students !!!


If you have questions or just simply need help with getting your FAFSA done make a note of that on your registration form. 


Over $180 billion in "FREE" money is up for grabs to help pay for college or career school.