Products and Services For Families 

Includes: Cap, Gown, Tassel, Diploma Cover. For those that are in CPS, we will enter you into our company “Giveaway” for an opportunity to win either a graduation party on us worth $500 or a $500 college scholarship. Must be a High School or College Senior to qualify.

Each year parents lose thousands of dollars because they do not make the necessary claims to receive additional funds owed them by the federal government. Our Financial Aid and Tax Department is serviced by licensed and trained representatives who are qualified to 

assist you with getting what you deserve. As a courtesy of assisting you with the College Tax Credits, our office stands ready to assist you year-round with all of your tax needs. Ask your college representative about payment options for this service. Another benefit of this service is assistance with handling the FAFSA every year, along with knowing how to file all other funding for your child that completes your deferment in taxes for education. (800) 811-4546 Ext. 14


Our Credit Score Builder program is designed to increase your credit scores. This can also be used to qualify for capital. This Credit Ready process involves the following:

  • Credit report evaluation

  • Remove negative items not clients

  • Payoff management

  • Add seasoned authorized trade-lines

  • Report rental history


College Student Money Mangement Program


Did you know that most college students start off in the best credit condition but corporate loan sharks prey on them by offering them credit cards that they are not ready for?  The best way to start building your credit students if you are renting where you live is to get on our rental into credit program.

With this program, we will not only report your good monthly rental history but also give you the option to take advantage of our other credit building services. 


To get started with this program click HERE


Need Money For College? 

Every semester parents and students experience shortfalls regarding having enough money to pay for college. The professionals at college planning services assist families with more than academics and scholarships, we also assist with funding sources for those that encounter those unexpected circumstances.

This can be used for tuition, books, housing and other personal expenses that you may have. In some cases get approved in 5 business days. To get started click HERE.   


The nation’s crime culture has spilled over into the field of education. Laws have been established to “punish” youth for arrest records. Unfortunately, this affects whether or not students can receive financial aid, obtain many scholarships/sponsorships, and enter colleges and jobs. In 2013, millions of dollars were returned to foundations, and even the government, because students had arrest records. In our efforts to help students overcome this “hurdle”,  is now offering to address this issue of students with arrest records. We are NOT lawyers and we do not intend to get in the legal business. However, we have a department of qualified people that address this issue for our customers who need this service. This service is offered on state by state basis because of the laws of each state.

Graduation Party For Your Special Graduate

At College Planning Services we love graduates! We know this can be a busy and often overwhelming time for most families so you can leave the set up for the party up to us! Our process is simple. All we need is your T-Shirt and/ hoodie designs and sizes, and your social event dates. When you are ready for your party just contact our office to make arrangements and we will take it from there. Parties should be booked 6 weeks in advance. To get started contact us by sending your name, date, city, state and phone number to

Our Cakes and/or cupcakes are made to order! 


Want a cake for your celebration? College Planning Services will include a FREE custom cake with each graduation party package!

If you would like to add an additional cake that will cost $70.


To place your order contact us by sending your name, date, city, state and phone number to