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 Ambassador Program Benefits

 Ambassador Program Benefits

Benefits of the  Ambassador Program

Congratulations!! Our Ambassadors are in a class all by themselves!! 

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To be an AMBASSADOR for College Planning TODAY Services you must understand that we are looking for active faithful representatives who are involved at being champions and advocates in the world today!

Major companies are looking for students that are leaders!! Our Ambassadors are leading in the world today. 

How to apply? 
(1) Attend a College Planning TODAY Services (CPTS) workshop in person or virtually. 
(2) Go to the and complete the (blue)Contact Me form
(3) Once
CPTS get your submission (your email in particular) we will arrange to meet with you to "interview" you. 
(4) A committee will review your interview responses and make a final decision. 

Ambassadors receive FUNDING for college up to $80,000. 

Ambassadors are allowed to earn REVENUE through our company.

Ambassadors are given an opportunity to do an INTERNSHIP also in our company. 

Ambassadors have the CIVILIAN duty to travel and represent CPTS domestically and abroad. 

Ambassadors have the opportunity to represent the company at various ACTIVITIES

Student is awarded with an APPOINTMENT as an Ambassador.