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We hear stories daily about students and the levels they resort to now just to pay for tuition, buy a book or just to have food while they are in college. Did you know that tens of thousands of children in any given metropolitan city do not go to college, not because they do not have the grades or desire to go but because they do not have the money (resources) to go? 


Here at College Planning TODAY Services, we work diligently to identify these students to make sure that they get the encouragement and resources that they need. Many of our staff, former students and current students literally walk the streets to attempt to located these precious souls (our children) to assist them before it is too late! Since 2012 we have helped over 1200 students with tuition, books, and food while in college. We have also work to turn hundreds more from illegal and/ or immoral means just to "pay for college".  


We are losing our children   click here We need your help