The Basic Plan

Get exactly what you need to advance from high school.

About the Basic Plan

Welcome to the opportunity to learn more about our Basic Plan. Your future starts here! This plan was designed especially for families of students that are 14 years old or younger. 


As you begin your journey towards college preparation remember these interesting facts: 

 (1) Most people overpay for college

 (2) People do NOT understand the financial "rules" about paying for college 

 (3) Word-of-mouth experience about FAFSA and college is misunderstood


The purpose of this plan and this website is for you to not be one of those people. 



Help your children starting as early as kindergarten to cultivate an interest in reading, This foundation has proven to be one of the best strategies for an academic pathway for your children success.  (Start as early as Elementary School) 


By Middle School, your child should have developed good study habits and started taking part in (AP) High School subjects and some College Prep classes. Part of preparing for college is taking the right classes in middle school. Courses such as English, algebra, foreign language and other S.T.E.M.  subjects will not only prepare the student for taking standardize test but will also give them a better chance of being college ready. 


Parents are constantly hearing about the cost of college but for one reason or another, they have not started saving yet. This procrastination has contributed to the fact that college debt has soared to a whopping 1.3 trillion dollars now surpassing that of credit card debt! Think about this: In 1982, the average annual cost of college, including tuition, room, and board and fees was $3,196. In 2014,the average cost was $18,943. Your child can no longer work 30 hours a week in the summer to pay for the next year's college cost. The average student today would have to work 52 weeks a year at 30 hours a week to pay for the next year's tuition, and that does not include room and board. Help your child by getting started TODAY with a plan that will assist them in not being stressed about money later. 


During your INTERVIEW a college planning professional will assist you in some options to get you moving in the right direction.