Application for College Planning TODAY Services

College Planning Services also known as College Planning TODAY Services is a three-step process and must be followed accordingly. The three-step process involves:


(STEP 1) Completing Form (under the CONTACT ME link on our website) -This gives College Planning Services permission to contact you. No one in our company is authorized to contact you unless this form has been completed and submitted to us. Also, NO SERVICES will be granted without this form. (designed to mainly gather student information)


(STEP 2) Read Terms and Conditions (Privacy Policy) - Every reader of our page is advised to read our terms of condition and privacy policies. By clicking on the application and submitting the application constitute that you have read and agree to our terms of use and policies. 


(STEP 3) Application - You are now at the final step to begin this process of preparation. This step is only required of families that desire to address at least $1,000 or more in scholarships for college. Questions asked on this application are designed to assist families with students (attending state/public colleges costing at least $50,000, private colleges including Ivy League colleges costing in access to $300,000. (designed to mainly gather parent information)


* Most colleges or sponsors are NOT willing to invest in families/students that are NOT willing to invest in themselves.


Your application and payment for services must be completed before an over the phone interview (OPI) can be conducted.



Review – By continuing to the application process, this means that you have read and agreed to our privacy policy. The questions that will be asked on the application are designed to get a better understanding of what you desire to do for your child and for us to better know what direction we will need to go in to assist your family with specific needs.




NOTE: Your clicking "Start Application Process" indicates that you have read and agreed  to our terms . In this instance, College Planning TODAY Services LLC. DOES NOT assume any responsibility for information that you incorrectly or improperly input into our site system.