Envision our “C” average students as future entrepreneurs, medical physicians and educators having access to resources, education, training, and internships that cultivate their career goals regardless of their personal challenges or financial barriers.  This vision will soon become reality for several students nationwide as their city experiences The Fathers Who Will “C” Average Encouragement Scholarship Tour”, and it is all for the purpose of providing “C” average high school seniors and college students with scholarships that will allow them to reach their maximum potential. 


The Fathers Who Will Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to revitalize the family through education by providing scholarships to high school and college students who have a “Caverage, but have limited scholarship opportunities or other financial resources. 


The “C” average high school senior or college student is often perceived as sloppy or careless in preparation, uncommitted, lacking attentiveness, having insufficient effort and ultimately deemed as the “Under Dog”. The Fathers Who Will Foundation challenges this “C” average myth believing that it is not always those who possess the best grades who will attain a prosperous life. Instead, it is those who discover their passion, have strong family support, and possess the ability to combine a cunning intelligence with business savvy attributes who will be the future leaders of tomorrow, which includes “C” average students.


The “C” Average Encouragement Scholarship Tour  will visit various cities throughout the country: Atlanta, Dallas and Houston experience a visit from this exciting tour in the past. During the tour we engage thousands of participants in “C” average campaigning, community service, and benefit concerts. However, the main goal is to bring urgent resources and support to the Fathers Who Will Foundation’s programs that will break down any barriers that would prevent “C” average students from pursuing or graduating from post-secondary education and training. Following the tour, the scholarships will be awarded throughout the host cities based on the application requirements located on the website. Additional scholarships will be awarded to three high schools adopted by the Fathers Who Will Foundation within the city that get the most students to go on our website, complete the form and write an essay based on the current essay question presented. In our efforts to save our planet ALL essays are to be done online. So please do not send any essay's written or typed on paper to us. 


The success of The “C” Average Encouragement Scholarship Tour will be credited largely to our sponsors who lend their names, participation, and financial support to the event. 

To Apply Click HERE and complete the form.