How Does This Work?

1. (SPARK) - Decide that you want to become an entrepreneur. Yes, all of this starts with a decision to make it happen!!! Decide how much money you need or desire to make on a daily, monthly or annual basis. 

2. (DISCOVER) - Find out what this "Network" offers and all the ways you can generate a lucrative income. You generate money in blocks of $10 to $100 that works towards your advancement to the next level. There are 25 blocks and you can fill them in one week or 1 month! You can cash in on the 1st through the 25th of any given month and you can only cash out on the 26 through 30th of any given month. Money is generated by providing products and services NOT by people paying money for your advancement because that would constitute a pyramid and pyramids are illegal. (Products and Services are provided on the website). 

3. (PREPARE) - Start by making a list of 50 to 200 people that you know that have children and/ or current college students that can benefit from these services. Also, make a list of 10 to 30 people that you would like to join your team. Remember to choose your future team members wisely because you are looking for business minded people to build a strong team. 






















4. (LAUNCH)  -Begin by choosing the way that is most desirable for you to come into the entrepreneurship platform. You may choose to come in slowly or more aggressively that is solely up to you. Your team Director will allow you to know the various options. Remember only you choose the option that best fits you. 

Since you will be an independent business owner/ entrepreneur, YOU must decide the pace you grow and the level of income you make. 

5. (LAUNCH) - Also build a team that does what you do and also earns an income. You will earn a residual income for people on 3 levels. What you earn directly, what your recruits earn at 7% and those your recruiter recruit earn at 3%. What does this look like? You (level 1) generate $1,500, your recruit (level 2) generate $1,500 (7%)and their recruits (your level 3) generates $1,500 (3%) that will be a total payout of $1,650 plus the additional money base on what level you came into the group. 




This group is ONLY for those who want to be entrepreneurs and/or who want to build residual income. 

 Colligate Entrepreneurship Network 

(800) 811-4546 Ext. 25