Congratulations to the Class of 2017!!  











This year we saw more than 700 more students join our program with each of them getting an average of $59,000 to attend college. This figure is based on several factors of course like whether student stayed in state vs out of state, "optimized" the FAFSA, received various scholarships and if the parents took advantage of our college savings plan options.


This year we added more elementary, middle and high schools to our partnerships. The states where our services grew the most were in the North Carolina, Texas and the area is known as the DMV (Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia). This year we added three huge programs to our services. The Teachers We Care Program that serve educators with everything from maximizing their retirement to internships for students in education that are looking for a career option in the field of education. Secondly, we added our Student Blessings Program that provides school supplies, blankets, and food to students from elementary school to college that are from income levels that warrant our support. Thirdly, we added our Standardized Test Prep Series in the wake of so many students losing out on millions of dollars in government, state and private funding due to not meeting the minimum standardized test score standards. Students that enter our program BEFORE grade 6 do not have to pay the additional cost for this program. 


Class of 2017 the closer you get to walk across the stage of graduation the more leverage you loose for college resources and funding! At this time over 93% of this money is gone! Is there still hope ...absolutely!! All over the country, we have helped students get as much as $125,000 to attend college but these students had a GPA of at least 3.5 with SAT score of 1290 / ACT 27. If your credentials are less we can still help you but chances are you won't receive as much funding! This offer is now strictly First Come, First Serve and LIMITED TIME ONLY!! 



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