This Senior Class of 2018 were born in 2000 or 2001 and they're graduating in 2018. They've never lived in a world with monthly texting limits.

Cost of Attendance for the Class of 2018

State University $115,327    Out of State University $155,891     Private College $308,177


*If a family does not have a college fund or if the student does not have scholarships, there is a monthly cost of: 

$1,922 for State University, $2,630 for Out of State University, $5,136 for a Private College

This usually comes in the form of students loans and eventually student debt!!!

Class of 2018 this is your guide to getting ahead of the college "game" during your last year of high school. 














































School is in full swing!!! Start now by making the most of your grades, school activities and your student conduct because you are on the final stretch of high school.

Parents if your child has been having a difficult time with doing well on the PSAT, SAT or ACT we would like to recommend that you sign up for the Standardized Test Prep Series. Click Here  (Colleges take the best of 3 scores) so if you need to..... take the test at least 3 times! 


November 2017 - As soon as possible after its October 1, 2017, release, complete and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at, along with any other financial aid applications your chosen school(s) may require. You should submit your FAFSA by the earliest financial aid deadline of the schools to which you are applying. Colleges prefer you have your college preparation completed by March 1, 2018. If you haven't done so already, register for a take such exams as the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, or ACT for college admission.* Check with the colleges you are interested in to see what tests they require. 


December 2017- Narrow down the list of colleges you are considering attending. If you can, visit the schools that interest you. Contact colleges to request information and applications for admission. Prepare your applications carefully. Follow the instructions, and PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO DEADLINES!



Parents review your financial situation and make sure your child is looking into or already has applied for scholarships. Ask your employer whether scholarships are available for employees' children. 


January 2018 - You are now in the final stretch of finishing up high school. This month is important to make sure that you connect with your guidance counselor to make sure you have all the classes you need to graduate

For those planning to go to college make sure that: 

  • You have applied for colleges that have your major and give you the most money

  • You have done your FAFSA (The professionals at College Planning TODAY Services can help you with maximizing your FAFSA, listing your deductions and credits

  • You have taken the SAT/ACT and met the requirements of the college

  • You have scholarships and other funding


February 2018 - The first day to file your income tax is January 29th, 2018 this year make sure that you get all of the money and resources on the table as a result of filing your taxes. GET HELP  The average family loses about $2,000 due to not properly filing in regards to education!!


March 2018 - Students considered "college ready" when their college portfolios are completed by March 1. The month of March is used to assist high school seniors with remaining resources while preparing the other students to maximize the additional time that they have to be prepared.



The closer seniors get to graduation the more they lose leverage. This means that you have more of a need for the college than they have for you (regarding grants, admissions, and scholarships!!! The longer you wait the more you will pay!!!














-  APRIL 15th, 2018