This Senior Class of 2019 were born usually in 2001 and they're graduating in 2019. They've never lived in a world with monthly texting limits.

Congratulations to the Class of 2019.These children never saw the 1990s! 

These young people ...

1) Never have to remember any of their friends' birthdays (thanks Facebook!).

2) Never have to remember phone numbers either.

3) Don't have to rush home to catch their favorite TV show ... or sit through all of the commercials.

4) Have never had to use the yellow pages. Or an Encyclopedia.

5) Won't be pulling any all-nighters in the school computer lab.

6) Have never had to refold a map.

7) Have never had to make a collect call. Or worry about long distance charges.

8) Don't write thank you notes in cursive. Or by hand for that matter.

9) Will never experience the joy of their favorite song coming on after waiting by the radio for hours.

10) Don't have to be selective about snapping photos to avoid wasting film.

11) Have never seen a one-term president. Many of them have only lived through three.

12) Haven't known the agony that is trying to balance a checkbook. Though they've likely over drafted their debit cards.

13) Never camped out all night to buy concert tickets ... just iPhones.

Cost of Attendance for the Class of 2019

State University $123,400    Out of State University $163,926     Private College $329,749


*If a family does not have a college fund or if the student does not have scholarships, there is a monthly cost of 

$1,713 for State University, $2,276 for Out of State University, $4,579 for a Private College

This usually comes in the form of students loans and eventually student debt!!!

For those of you that are on your way to college...Class of 2019 


ACTION PLAN: HIGH SCHOOL graduates - Get What You Need For College. Register NOW HERE 



Time To Conclude Your College Search

             Hopefully by now you have narrowed down the colleges that you desire to attend. At this late date you will do well to prepare to ONLY go to the one(s) you have been accepted to and you can afford. 


Revisit the this information about majors and careers.


Use College Search to find colleges with the right characteristic


Begin Thinking about Financial Aid

 There are over 150 billion dollars in "FREE MONEY" available for students/ families who know HOW to get it.

                  Do you know your high school counselor? Hopefully, you have taken the time by now to get to know your high counselor. Talk to your counselor about your college plans. Attend college night and financial aid night at your school.


Your income (TAX) and your FAFSA. All tax preparers do not prepare families for the FAFSA. The professionals at College Planning TODAY Services assist families with this. If your taxes are NOT done in regards to the FAFSA it will cost you money! Your income tax and FAFSA!



Parents -First we would like to congratulate you on your child graduating for high school.  This school year for the class of 2019 is almost over!! Before you know it graduation day will be here. We are in the month of May and it is time to tie up any loose ends that you have not completed for college. 


























January 2019 - We are already off to a great start in 2019! You can now go to your student portals with College Planning TODAY Services and keep up with your road map to college. How did you do on your most recent report card? It is important to know what your GPA is and where you stand (Rank) in your high school class.  Let's do a quick checklist to see where you are at this point: 


You have: 

(1) Selected at least 4 colleges that you have an interest in


(2) Applied to all of these colleges (paid the application fees if necessary) 


(3) Completed your FAFSA (you must DO THIS if you expect to get any Free Government assistance. The government shutdown will slow down the process of getting many forms to colleges but it will not hinder you from maximum aid (Especially for those who completed their forms before now). FAFSA submissions started October 1st, 2018 so the longer you wait the least amount you risk getting. 


(4) Applied for at least 10 scholarships


(5) Have saved (accumulated) at least 25% of the money you need for the first semester of college (for example if you are going to need $10,000 for your first semester of college you currently have access to $2,500). 


How are you coming with this list? Our representatives can help students that are in our program. To get started simply go to our website (Create an Account). Complete form one (student information) and continue to complete form two (parent information). Pay the registration fee ($150 for High School students). 


























February 2019 - Depending on when you are registered and accepted into our program will determine when and how much we can do to assist you. According to College Board when students have all of their "ducks in a row" by March 1st of their senior year then and only then are they "college ready". Our goal is to have all of our students COLLEGE READY! (Fast track to college readiness will cost you an additional fee)-optional 


March 2019 -You are now AFTER the College Readiness PERIOD !! We must be innovative at this point because graduation is just a few months away. Fast track is no longer an option at this point. We must assign a consultant to you to make sure that all of your "steps" are completed and we must shop our college "networks" to find you the best colleges still available. Other events are starting to enter the picture...Did I hear you say "The Prom?




























April 2019 - This is crunch time for you my friend. Over 85% of the resources for college have been allocated at this point. You must know for yourself how serious and how determined you are to go to college because there is a lot to do!! Depending on how much you had in place before you came to us will determine how intensely we move from here. ARE YOU READY? The aim now is Graduation!!

May 2019 - Time to graduate!! Congratulations to the Class of 2019!! 


ACT 36                SAT   1600

The Closer You are to these Benchmarks Increases Your Acceptance Into the Best Colleges and the More $$$ You Get!!!