The Class of 2020 are not familiar with this image below and even if they do remember, they've certainly never been charged $3 for forgetting to do this...

Cost of Attendance for the Class of 2020

State University $80,760    Out of State University $204,960    Private College $277,920


*If a family does not have a college fund or if the student does not have scholarships, there is a monthly cost of: (average out of pocket amount to cover college cost)

$1,683 for State University, $4,270 for Out of State University, $5,790 for a Private College

This usually comes in the form of students loans and eventually student debt!!!

Class of 2020 you are now at the half way point of your high school seniors year!!! 




To Do:

  •  Meet with your school counselor or mentor to discuss colleges and their requirements.

  •  Consider taking the SAT or ACT based on your level # of AP classes

  •  Go to college information events to get a more detailed look at college options.

  • Take the concept of looking for a career seriously because many students waste time and money during the beginning years of college because they are "undecided" about what career or what they want to major in? It is taking the average student 6 years to graduate from college rather than 4 years because this was not thought out ahead of time. This year KNOW what you want to major in BEFORE you apply for college. *also know the difference between a college major and a hobby. We can discuss this with you! Hint: Millions of dollars are in the STEM areas!! 

  •  Research majors that might be a good fit with your interests and goals based on your results from the U.S. Department of Labor’s career search.

To Explore:


To Do:

  •  Find out whether your child’s school has college nights or financial aid nights. Plan to attend those events with your child.

  •  Help your child develop independence by encouraging him or her to take responsibility for balancing homework with any other activities or a part-time job.

To Explore:


August 2019 -  December 2019 We are already off to a great start for FALL 2019! You can now go to your student portals with College Planning TODAY Services and keep up with your road map to college. How are you doing in your classes so far? It is important to know what your GPA is and where you stand (Rank) in your high school class.  Let's do a quick checklist to see where you are at this point: 


You have: 

(1) Selected at least 4 colleges that you have an interest in


(2) Applied to all of these colleges (pay the application fees if necessary) 


(3) Applied for at least 20 scholarships (CPTS has a list of over 250 scholarships for students in our program to apply for).


(4) Saved (accumulated) at least 25% of the money you need for the first semester of college (for example if you are going to need $10,000 for your first semester of college you currently have access to $2,500). 

(5) Enrolled in our program.

To enroll you must go online and register and pay for registration fee. It is $150 for high school students. This amount only covers your intake process and interview. During your interview the College Recruiter or representative will give you payment options on how you should be able to pay based on what grade you are in and what you need to be "college ready". The longer you wait the more it will cost. (Prices and options are at the bottom of the ONLINE registration form)


How are you coming with this list? Our representatives can help students that are in our program. To get started simply go to our website (Create an Account). Complete form one (student information) and continue to complete form two (parent information). Pay the registration fee ($150 for High School students). 















 The Closer You are to these Benchmarks Increases Your Acceptance Into the Best Colleges and the More $$$ You Get!!!


                         ACT 36       SAT 1600

*Subscores will also determine your level of funding! 


            GPA Weighted 4.2 or better Unweighted 3.4 or better for Merit Scholarships 

                                     Class Rank (Top 10% of your class) 

            GPA Weighted 3.0 or better Unweighted 2.3 or better for Need Based Scholarships


College Planning TODAY Services will offer funding / Scholarships to students in our program based on these factors along with: 

(1) Community Involvement

(2) Recommendations of teachers, one of our administrative staff or an employer

(3) Professionalism of portfolio 

(4) (Optional / "like" our pages) Connected to us on Social Media 














It is now NOVEMBER 2019!!! - THIS MONTH IS CRITICAL for all Seniors that want to get into Top Tier Colleges and Get Maximum Scholarship. What you do or don't do at this point will greatly determine how much you can receive for college. 

For those that are ready to start the FAFSA. Create a username and password called an FSA  ID that you'll use to confirm your identity when assessing your government financial aid information and electronically signing your federal student aid documents. You and your parent will each need your own unique FSA ID. NOTE: You must create your own FSA ID, if your parent creates it for you, that can cause confusion that will later slow down the financial aid application process. 

 Opitimize          FAFSA

To receive financial aid you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  You must file each year while attending college to receive financial aid.  We have found that approximately 82% of the FAFSA forms submitted to us for review have errors.  The professionals at College Planning TODAY Services will review your FAFSA and optimize it to your advantage.

GET PROFESSIONAL HELP IF YOU NEED TO. Yes you can do your FAFSA on your own like you can do your income taxes on your own. Many have learned that it is worth it to pay for what you need to know. 

December  2019 - By this month you should have applied for at least 25 scholarships and applied to at least 4 colleges.The professionals at College Planning TODAY Services can assist you with everything form optimizing your FAFSA to leveraging scholarships to go to the best college for you. Wait till they tell you about things like the SUB SCORE and how your standardized test can help you!!


ACT 36                SAT   1600

The Closer You are to these Benchmarks Increases Your Acceptance Into the Best Colleges and the More $$$ You Get!!!




It is late Seniors ...Do Not Let the Christmas holidays catch you without being "College Ready". Sign up NOW!!!