The Class of 2020 are not familiar with this image below and even if they do remember, they've certainly never been charged $3 for forgetting to do this...

Cost of Attendance for the Class of 2020

State University $80,760    Out of State University $146,960    Private College $201,920


*If a family does not have a college fund or if the student does not have scholarships, there is a monthly cost of: (average out of pocket amount to cover college cost)

$1,683 for State University, $4,270 for Out of State University, $5,790 for a Private College

This usually comes in the form of students loans and eventually student debt!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2020!!! We wish you well as you enter into the world!!  (Send us your picture to and we will feature you on this page. (Class of 2020 only!!)