Hello Class of 2021! You are now high school seniors!!. In most cases, these students were born in 2003. Set to graduate in 2021, we think their high school days will be a little different from ours. 


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Hello Class of 2021! You are now high school seniors!!. In most cases, these students were born in 2003. Set to graduate in 2021, we think their high school days will be a little different from ours. 


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Cost of Attendance for the Class of 2021

State University $100,281    Out of State University $148,852     Private College $203,530


*If a family does not have a college fund or if the student does not have scholarships, there is a monthly cost of: 

$1,713 for State University, $2,276 for Out of State University, $4,579 for a Private College

This usually comes in the form of students loans and eventually student debt!!!

You are now HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS!!! Congratulations!! ..You are the Class of 2021


12th grader it is very important that you continue to build the right GPA and the right Attitude. You are setting a precedent for the remainder of the time that you are in high school. Our prepared students are now on target for scholarships to be put in their portfolio's starting in August of their senior year of high school.  


To Do:

  •  Meet with your school counselor or mentor to discuss colleges and their requirements.

  •  Consider taking the SAT or ACT based on your level number of AP classes. 

  •  Go to college information events to get a more detailed look at college options.

  • Take the concept of looking for a career seriously because many students waste time and money during the beginning years of college because they are "undecided" about what career or what they want to major in? It is taking the average student 6 years to graduate from college rather than 4 years because this was not thought out ahead of time. This year KNOW what you want to major in BEFORE you apply for college. *also know the difference between a college major and a hobby. We can discuss this with you! Hint: Millions of dollars are in the STEM areas!! 

  •  Research majors that might be a good fit with your interests and goals based on your results from the U.S. Department of Labor’s career search.

To Explore:

  •  Learn the differences between grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships.


To Do:

  •  Find out whether your child’s school has college nights or financial aid nights. Plan to attend those events with your child.

  •  Help your child develop independence by encouraging him or her to take responsibility for balancing homework with any other activities or a part-time job.

To Explore:

  •  Learn about the standardized tests your child will be taking. 


Aug 2020 We are already off to a great start for FALL 2020! You can now go to your student portals with College Planning TODAY Services and keep up with your road map to college. It is important to know what your GPA is and where you stand (Rank) in your high school class.  Let's do a quick checklist to see where you are at this point: 


You have: 

(1) Selected at least 4 colleges that you have an interest in


(2) Applied to all of these colleges (pay the application fees if necessary) 


(3) Applied for at least 5 scholarships (CPTS has a list of over 250 scholarships for students in our program to apply for).


(4) Saved (accumulated) at least 25% of the money you need for the first semester of college (for example if you are going to need $10,000 for your first semester of college you currently have access to $2,500). 


(5) Enrolled in our program.  www.collegeplanningtoday.com

To enroll you must go online and register and pay the registration fee. It is $150 for high school students. This amount only covers your intake process and interview. During your interview the College Recruiter or representative will give you payment options on how you should be able to pay based on what grade you are in and what you need to be "college ready". The longer you wait the more it will cost. (Prices and options changes for seniors as time gets closer to graduation, greater demand on our resources and colleges leverage periods expire) The increase usually takes place every 3 months! Our current prices are at the bottom of the ONLINE registration form)


How are you coming with this list? Our representatives can help students that are in our program. To get started simply go to our website (Create an Account). Complete form one (student information) and continue to complete form two (parent information). Pay the registration fee ($150 for High School students). 


The Closer You are to these Benchmarks Increases Your Acceptance Into the Best Colleges and the More $$$ You Get!!!


                         ACT 36       SAT 1600

*Subscores will also determine your level of funding! 


            GPA Weighted 4.2 or better Unweighted 3.4 or better for Merit Scholarships 

                                     Class Rank (Top 10% of your class) 

            GPA Weighted 3.0 or better Unweighted 2.3 or better for Need Based Scholarships



College Planning TODAY Services will assist students with obtaining funding / Scholarships to students in our program based on these factors along with: 


(1) Community Involvement

(2) Recommendations of teachers, one of our administrative staff or an employer

(3) Professionalism of portfolio 

(4) (Optional / "like" our pages) Connected to us on Social Media 











Make sure you are fully aware of the provisions of any college savings you have opened for your child. At this point, if you don't have a savings plan for your child "traditional" savings plan may not work for you. The professionals at College Planning TODAY Services will be able to assist you with several options.  To get started TODAY with cash accumulation options for your child go HERE and register!!

               Ask about our "Success" Program

This program provides up to $12,000 a year for college($48,000) plus a financial plan that helps your child for the rest of their lives. 

Speak with one of our college consultants. This programs is not for procrastinators.