Hello Class of 2022! You are now high school SENIORS!! How cool is that!! In most cases, these students were born in 2004. Set to graduate in 2022, your class will have a full high school year to benefit from the new programs at College Planning TODAY Services. 












Cost of Attendance for the Class of 2022
State University $102,077    Out of State University $150,802     Private College $204,009
 *If a family does not have a college fund or if the student does not have scholarships, there is a monthly cost of: 
$1,776 for State University, $2,560 for Out of State University, $5,724 for a Private College
This usually comes in the form of students loans and eventually student debt!!!

You made it!! You are almost at the finish line ..You are the Class of 2022! 


12th grader it is very important that you end this year with the right GPA and the right attitude. You are setting a precedent for the remainder of the time left in high school. Senior you are in an amazing position because no time in history has so many organization are really to support students that desire to further their education. Over billion is waiting on YOU! Are you ready? 




Start your Junior high school journey by taking challenging classes in core academic subjects. Get to know your high school counselor because it will show him or her that you are interested in your education and they tend to help students more than they know. Talk to them about colleges and their admissions requirements. Many high school counselors have huge workloads of students so please be patient with them. Talk to your school counselor or teachers about Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Find out what courses are available, whether you are eligible, and how to enroll in them. 


SPECIAL NOTE....During this pandemic (especially) it is critically IMPORTANT that you get a jump start on preparing for college as you enter your senior year. THE DEADLINES have been moved up! If you wait and procrastinate your will eliminate most of your funding opportunities!! 


February 6th, 2021. Make sure that you REGISTER for the upcoming


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Review the report card (grades and behavior) status of your child. Make sure that your child is taking classes that prepare them for the years ahead and or make sure (if needed) they are getting the tutoring that they need. Many students are graduating from high school with grade point averages as high as 4.0 and are not doing well on the SAT. We recommend that you enroll your child in the Standardized Test Prep Academy. Students are encouraged to start the academy and build up their understanding of the strategies and knowledge of Standardized Test Preparation. To get your child enrolled click HERE TODAY!!!












Make sure you are fully aware of the provisions of any college savings you have opened for your child. At this point, if you don't have a savings plan for your child "traditional" savings plan may not work for you. The professionals at College Planning TODAY Services will be able to assist you with several options.  To get started TODAY with cash accumulation options for your child go HERE and register!!