About Colleges

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About Four-year Colleges

Many students attend a four-year college after graduating from high school. They earn a degree once they have completed a program of study. A four-year college usually offers a bachelor's degree in the arts (e.g, English, history, drama) or sciences (e.g., biology, computer science, engineering). Some four-year colleges offer advance degrees such as a master's or other graduate degree.

About Two-year Colleges

A two-year community college or junior college awards an associate degree once a student has completed a two-year course of study. Some two-year colleges grant diplomas or certificated to students who have met course requirements and are ready to practice in their career fields.

You can start at a two-year college then transfer to a four-year college, if for example, you're concerned about college costs (community  or public junior  colleges usually cost less than a four-year colleges), A two-year college is also a good option if you want to boost your grades before going to a four-year college.

About Career Schools
Career schools typically offer programs that take two years or less to complete. These schools provide students with formal classes and hands-on experiences related to their future career interests. Students may earn a diploma or a certificate, prepare for a licensing exam, or study to begin work as an apprentice or a journeyman in a skilled trade.
Select the best answer based on what you have now understand about college
1. When should you consider college?
  • now
  • its never too late
  • middle school (grades 6 through 8) or earlier
  • all of the above
2. Where can you earn a bachelor's degree?
  • junior college
  • four-year college
  • community college
  • career school
3. Where can you earn an associate degree?
  • community college
  • four-year college
  • high school
  • career school
4. At a career school, students may do which of the following?
  • earn a diploma or a certificate
  • prepare for a licensing exam
  • study to begin work as an apprentice
  • all of the above