We offer consultation services to members in our program because there is so much confusion and even hostility in our country involving the subject of college and even how to pay for it. One of the greatest controversies in the midst of this subject is who should you consult and why you should never pay for anything involving college. This philosophy has contributed to many students (even students with the best GPA's /standardized test scores) not being able to attend college all over the country! 
Have you noticed that our website addresses the FAFSA?
FAFSA stands for FREE APPLICATION for FEDERAL STUDENT AID. Did you catch that...FREE? This definition has lead to more people losing thousands of dollars in financial aid because they have been told that it is a SCAM to pay for professional services to help them with how to properly fill out the FAFSA from professionals that KNOW WHAT TO PUT or NOT TO PUT ON THE FAFSA.  
Did you know that people wrestled with this same misdirection from those that told them for years that it was a SCAM to pay for professionals to do their (State/Federal INCOME TAXES also until they got tired of losing money?) 
We have found that over 80% of the FAFSA forms submitted to us for review have errors.  The professionals at CPTS will review your FAFSA and optimize it to your advantage.
Now that YOU are in college some leverage has been lost. Students lose major leverage once they walk across the graduation stage of high school without these 5 things in place: 
(1) Optimization of your FAFSA -This must be done every year while you are in college. When we do your income taxes we are able to better do an optimization because your FAFSA is based on your taxes in part. 
(2) Benchmarks - in high school that was your SAT/ACT and GPA but in college it is still your GPA along with some other areas. 
(3) Leveraging - in high school leveraging involved about 8 various things (which we cover with our families BEFORE they graduate from high school) but in college leveraging involves a combination of your portfolio with us along with our partnerships and networks. 
(4) Scholarships (and some sponsorships) - We have over 10,000 scholarships within our networks and half of them are private scholarships not generic (popular online) scholarships. 
(5) Expected Family Contribution (EFC) - One of the best ways we assist families/students is on how to cover their EFC. The best way to do this is with an accumulation of cash that is positioned to your advantage.. Our program has several vehicles in which students/families can accumulate money for college. 
During your Consultation your family will be interviewed in preparation for your future. The Consultation (is to determine where to start) in this process and our Program show you (how to get there). The Consultation fee  ($150) does not include the contribution(s) to your child in this program. The contribution depends on the age of your child.  
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