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Please Read and Make a Decision!!
Make a decision to be serious about getting college preparation.
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Register for FREE on this page. Explain your interest, needs, and questions in the boxes provided. Arrange for your COLLEGE CONSULTATION. Don't forget to put the name of the person that referred you to the services
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After you set up your CONSULTATION you will be required to pay the consultation fee of $150. This consultation will consist of your student/parent interview and specific recommendations for you.  Pay Consultation by clicking HERE
Once you complete these forms and obligations a professional college recruiter will contact you to address your needs. You will be interviewed based on the information that you provided. 
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Based on the results of your interview, a "road map" will be put together to move forward. The road map may lead to college, trade school, entrepreneurship or military school. 
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Once the company has approved your child (student) in the program, you will be required to contribute to your child based on where they are (age, grade, etc) when they start the program.