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You can just complete this page (form) if you are just looking for college information, scholarships totaling under $1,000, student loan help, would like to attend a charter school or other question

   Why our services?


  • We have been assisting families for nearly 20 years.

  • We assisted over 20,000 students with a success rate of 96%.

  • Unlike most college prep programs we offer full service (10 Step program) from birth to adulthood. 

  • Our services are personalized (We interview every family, Offer a student portal, etc)

  • We educate families (STEP 1 of our program) -Conversation/Consultation

  • We address FAFSA

  • We are affordable. The average college prep company charges over $8,000 while in most cases we charge less than half of that. 

  • We work with all types of colleges/Universities (Ivy League, HBCU's Community Colleges, trade schools, etc).