Generation Z is the class that will go down in history as the class that transitioned from Middle School to High School during the coronavirus. You most likely started high school online. 

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Cost of Attendance for the Class of 2024
State University $107,055    Out of State University $152,882     Private College $208,116
 *If a family does not have a college fund or if the student does not have scholarships, there is a monthly cost of: (a reflection of starting now) 
$1,575 for State University, $3,021 for Out of State University, $4,194 for a Private College
This usually comes in the form of students loans and if not done properly, eventually student debt!!!

You are now preparing for your Sophomore year ..You are the Class of 2024! 


10th grader you now have one year under your belt...congratulations!! How did things go your freshman year? If you are entering high school as a sophomore in the fall, the prospects of going to college should be becoming more real. Here are some things you can do to start getting ready for college.  


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Start your sophomore year off by taking challenging classes in core academic subjects. Get to know your high school counselor because it will show him or her that you are interested in your education and they tend to be more apt to help students who are focused. Talk to them about colleges and their admissions requirements. Many high school counselors have huge workloads of students so please be patient with them. Talk to your school counselor or teachers about Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Find out what courses are available, whether you are eligible, and how to enroll in them. Keep in mind that it is sometimes better to make an "A" in regular classes rather than "C's" in AP classes. Get proper advisement. During COVID 19 our professionals can walk you through the process of preparing for college and assist with college readiness class materials. 



  1. Start researching colleges. But don't do this blindly. The professionals at CPTS can assist you with this process. College is a prepared place for a prepared student. It is ok to just look into colleges but it is another thing to apply. 


  2. Visit schools. The summer between sophomore and junior year can be a convenient time to begin checking out colleges and universities. The visits may help motivate you by showing you what all of your hard 

  3. Consider taking the PSAT (Practice) test.  It is very important that you start NOW!! We offer you practice test! Arrange to take the practice test. Get with your college planning professional to schedule the online test. The first test are FREE for those in the CPTS program. 

4. For those that are not in our program you may want to check out the SAT Practice Test. Simply go to

5. Don't forget extracurricular activities.  Colleges care what you do outside of the classroom, but it is still secondary to your academic profile. It's not the number of activities that you are involved in, but the quality. Make sure that you devote time to activities that you care about and resist the urge to get involved in activities just to impress admissions officers (colleges)

6. Start by getting organized. Yes you should create a filing system to keep up with all of your college preparation and marketing material. 

7. Read, read, and read some more.  Being a strong reader makes it easier to perform well in college. Reading may also lead to higher standardized scores. Remember that reading comprehension is not something that you can cram for in the weeks leading up to the test. 

Make a list of your awards, honors, extracurricular activities, and paid and volunteer work.  Start NOW!! Know what your options are when it comes to colleges and careers. College Planning TODAY Services offers scholarships to students that show determination and ambition!!! You may want to get into the AMBASSADOR ACADEMY because it awards up to $100,000 for students who are in the Ambassadors Academy that do well through our partnerships. The aim of the AMBASSADOR ACADEMY is to assist each student with finding their very own talent and genius. Those who work hard and put the maximum effort in will have the opportunity to be nominated to be an AMBASSADOR

*AMBASSADOR students get the first and best offers to IVY LEAGUE colleges. Top HBCU colleges and other Top Tier Colleges and Universities. Most of our Ambassadors are in STEAM areas and School of Business! 

7. Make sure that you have college planning. If you do not have funds to go to college, what good would it do to complete most of the items listed above? This means if you do not have a scholarship, your parents can not get approved for a loan, you do not qualify for enough financial aid or if your scholarship runs out before you graduate then WHO will pay for YOU to be in college? Get College Planning TODAY Services ...TODAY!! 




Review the report card (grades and behavior) status of your child. Make sure that your child starts this year of  high school by taking classes that prepare him/ her for the years ahead and or make sure (if needed) they are getting the tutoring that they need. Many students are graduating from High School with grade point averages as high as 4.3 and are not doing well on the SAT/ ACT. We recommend that you enroll your child in the Standardized Test Prep Academy. Students are encouraged to start the academy and build up their understanding of the strategies and knowledge of Standardized Test Preparation. To get your child enrolled click HERE TODAY!!!


Make sure you are fully aware of the provisions of any college savings you have opened for your child. At this point, if you don't have a savings plan for your child "traditional" savings plan may not work for you. The professionals at College Planning TODAY Services will be able to assist you with several options.  To get started TODAY with cash accumulation options for your child go HERE and register!!