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                             First Generation College Students 

Nationally, of the 7.3 million undergraduates attending four-year public and private colleges and universities, about 20 percent are first-generation students. About 50 percent of all first-generation college students in the U.S. are from low-income families. These students are also more likely to be a member of a racial or ethnic minority group.

A first-gen student is a nickname for a first generation college student–someone who grew up in a home where both parents did not attend a four year college, where one parent has an AA only, or where one or both parents attempted some college but did not finish it.

Studies have shown and our experiences have made it clear that first generation students face more challenges than others. CPTS has methods and resources that have been proven to nurture these students and to better help them assimilate into the college success culture. Over the years we have encouraged more first generation students to pursue a secondary education. Many are entering college at higher rates and doing well.