Learn what you must do to further your education during Covid - 19

Due to Covid -19, we are assisting students and families with the "new" way to school

We are now in the month of August, and political leaders are still "debating" over whether to send our children back to school. It is very important that parents and students are informed about the "new" changes that will effect education. Get informed and be aggressive about what you and your children needs. 


From Pre-k to Trade Schools and GED to Ph.D, the professionals at College Planning TODAY Services will work hard to provide families with the most current resources to give their children the best opportunities.


The ones who will succeed are those who are equipped to compete in tomorrow's "new" marketplace.By applying for our Success Program TODAY, your child can earn the benefits for a lifetime. 



We partner with financial institutions, insurance companies, corporate and private companies along with colleges and universities around the country to put together a strategy to build a resourceful portfolio. This portfolio will consist of information regarding financial services and scholarship opportunities that will prepare students for access to what is necessary to build their path to a rewarding future. 

    High School Seniors and College Students !!!


If you have questions or just simply need help with getting your FAFSA done make a note of that on your registration form. 


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