About 50.7 million students attend public or private elementary and secondary schools in the USA.

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    Some 20.4 million students attend American colleges and universities

            "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail"     John Wooden

     Most parents' wish is to see their children educated, hopefully with a professional career. However, without college and financial planning, this wish will only turn into good intentions.

WELCOME to our Courses Offered Virtually In Detail (COVID) School.

This online resource was created in response to the need of so many students that need online resources during this time. This resource will be offered for students globally. Read instructions and requirements carefully. 

The process of the COVID School is to begin with steps that are as simple as "A,B,C.". The student that enter the program as soon as possible will benefit the most.  Register and speak with one of our college planning professionals. 

Reading is "KEY" to staying on track with your studies. Each week there will be a virtual reading via zoom. Parents must approve for their children to be a part of our world of reading. 

Creativity is the word of the day. During this time we are encouraging students to CREATE. Start a journal to describe how COVID 19 affected your life. Professionals will assist students on how to write essays. Some of these essays will be submitted to obtain scholarship money for college. 

We are providing various online programs to assist students with STEM...STEAM. There is a special program that we are offering to students from age 16 to 30 years old. Many of these programs provide training in areas of Technology, welding and plumbing. Opportunities to attend top tier colleges to major in STEAM. 

Our professionals are standing ready to assist students and their parents with our 10 STEP process. This process starts with our INTERVIEW that allows us to gauge where your child currently stands regarding college and other secondary readiness. From this process we can build a portfolio to help you start the next stage of your future. 

Academic programs from 1st to 8th grade - Reading, Science and Math. 

9th Grade Academy for students that want to build a strong college ready foundation

10th Grade will focus on Merit Standards and IB/AP Classwork 

11th Grade will focus on college dual enrollment and the PSAT 

12th Grade will focus on early college acceptance and scholarships 

While this country boast more than 4,000 colleges and universities, HBCU only make up about 3% of these schools.

Here at College Planning TODAY Services we are committed to these monumental and prestigious institutions. We understand their powerful history, many forming after the Civil War. We understand their contributions to society, being that as many as 75% of America's African American leaders and professionals come from HBCU's. We understand their amazing legacy, of producing people that have changed and affected the world. People like Martin Luther King Jr. & III, Samuel L.Jackson, Spike Lee (Morehouse), Althea Gibson, John Thompson, Common, Anika Noni Rose(FAMU), Jessie Jackson, Ronald McNair, Taraji P. Henson (NC A & T) and Thurgood Marshall, Phylicia Rashad, Chadwick Boseman (Howard) to name a few. 

College Planning TODAY Services 


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