Dialing For Dollar$ Scholarship

 Your cell phone can now produce additional resources for you for college and college related expenses. 




Cell Phones & Plans: connecting you to your future










Is your current cell phone plan only operating as a cell ball and chain? With this plan, you just feel the weight and strain of paying a bill every month but with no benefit to your future. Are you tired of caring the ball of the weight of only being a consumer while chain from one carrier to another in the cellular phone community? What if we told you that your phone could become an investment in your future!
























Find out how your cell phone can now benefit your life long after the conversation of talking about it is over. 



































































Check out our options in how your phone can do more than be  latest phones, devices & accessories






Does your current phone assist you with: 

(1) college preparation? 

(2) paying off your student loan? 

(3) building your credit?  

(4) helping you find an internship or career? 

(5) accumulating funds to pay for your vacation or subsidize your future? 

Are You Working For Your Cell Phone  OR  Is Your Cell Phone Working For YOU?