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We are preparing to embark upon a major school year! We have already begun to make needed changes so that we can be more effective for parents and their children. With the many schools that we have built relationships with we hope to assist not only students with college preparation but also the faculty with many benefits.  


TEACHERS, can you retire comfortably on 60% of your pay?


This very question: “Can you retire comfortably on 60% of your current pay?”, was the central focus recently in San Diego at a conference of educators from around the country. The recognition that the teachers in schools, be they private or public, in the United States, confront a crisis of underfunded pension accounts for their futures.

The mission is to educate educators and all school system employees about 403(b) plans and strategies and to promote retirement with dignity. It is a national shame that the teacher retirement funding in 41 states is insufficient.


Recently the National Council on Teacher Quality, a nonpartisan research and quality organization commissioned a study, entitled: No One Benefits; How teacher pension systems are failing BOTH teachers and taxpayers. see www.nctq.org

One of the key findings of this study is that teacher pension programs in the US are underfunded by an amount of almost $325 billion. It was noted that in the years between 2009 and 2012, the funding shortfalls grew in 44 states.


We assist educators with strategies and information to accumulate a financial portfolio that will aid them in not retiring in a crisis due to insufficient retirement planning.


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