WHAT Can a
College Education
Do for Me? 
A college education will offer more money, more job opportunities, and more freedom than a high school education. 
More Money 
On average, a person who goes to college earns more money than a person who doesn't. Over a lifetime, a college graduate can earn over $1.5 million more than a high school graduate!

Real-life Examples 

People with a college education typically earn more money during a shorter span of time. 



  • Terry is a dental hygienist (two years of college). Terry generally will earn enough money to buy groceries for a week after working only one day. 

  • Sam is a high school graduate and works as a salesman in a department store. To buy the same groceries, it generally takes Sam three days' pay. 



  • Jamual is a college graduate and works as an accountant. Based on his salary, Jamual could buy a large screen TV using less than two weeks' pay. 

  • Crammer never went to college and works as a waiter. Based on his salary, Crammer will have to work five weeks to buy the same TV. 

students are left paying for student loans for up to 21 years! Others end up dropping out of college altogether because of academic challenges and thus end up with the same Students that enter college without proper college planning end up with high college cost in the form of (LOANS).Many of these life time income of a high school graduate or worse due to the fact that they have to pay back LOANS)!!!
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