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Who We Are? 

What We Do? 

The name of our company is

College Planning TODAY  Services 

 We work with families to help them build a financial and educational portfolio to plan for college. In addition to college planning,  we assist students in other areas such as trade schools, and entrepreneurship. Our corporate office is located in Atlanta, Georgia and we partner with companies that have been in business for over fifty years.  We specialize in assisting families with securing financial goals.

We are here today to discuss your financial goals and your child’s educational needs.  We realize that time is swift and soon money will be needed for college.   $60,000 to $100,000 will be needed to attend a four year state supported college, which is a lot of money!  We try to offset that in several different ways.

We realize that someone has to save money for college and usually that falls into the laps of the parents.  Our plan is set up so that each family makes small monthly contributions (or a one time contribution) to our program based on their budget.  We then pay the family for setting aside money with us.  


We also help families form a game plan that will reduce the financial stress of planning for college.  Often because of a lack of knowledge and direction, parents receive minimum benefits when they are entitled to so much more!

Our objective is to ease you through the financial planning process with as much help as possible.  In a nutshell we are looking for families that are serious about planning their child’s future.  He/she doesn’t have to get all A’s, but he/she can’t have straight F’s either.  You can understand that, can’t you?  That is why we are required to interview each family and explain our program in detail.


 If you like our program and think it will benefit your family, then we would like to get your child approved.  Keep in mind that the company makes the final decision on which families are approved for the program.

To show that you are serious about getting your child approved for our program, the company does want you to pay the consultation fee  (interview) upfront as a sign of good faith. 
Yes, we want you to sign up today, but only if you think this program will benefit your family and we think that you are a good match for our company.  Please understand we have more families to interview than manpower to do so.  Unfortunately we can’t keep going back and forth interviewing families.  That would deprive another family of the chance for an interview.  So please do not recommend your child unless you think this program would be of benefit.

During the interview process we will discuss valuable information that will help your child prepare for college.  The interview will also give us more insight into your financial goals.  Having said that, let’s do the interview.  Then we will finish explaining our program in detail