Application for College Planning TODAY Service OR

COVID SCHOOL (Courses Offered Virtually In Detail)

The application process for onboarding into the College Planning TODAY Services OR the COVID SCHOOLS program is a three step process and must be followed accordingly. Your application and payment for services must be completed before an over the phone interview (OPI) can be conducted. This information apply to those with membership levels (or have been approved) for an INTERVIEW by a representative of the company.

Important: PLEASE READ


Review – Before you complete an application, please review our service LEVELS. You will be prompted to process an initial payment to start your membership and the onboarding process. Your membership payment is automatically required as part of your INTERVIEW process and this is a one time fee.



Your membership status gives you access to additional services. Since the needs of individuals come in various "shapes and sizes" we customize our program for you based on this fact. Your membership is the doorway to additional services based on the level you choose and pay for.



During the over-the-phone interview process (*or in-person interview), families will be guided in determining the best CPTS PLAN OF ACTION as defined by the families college planning needs. The family will have the opportunity to start their subscription contribution or submit an annual contribution at any time thereafter the interview has been conducted.


*In person interviews must be approved and may cost an additional fee (based on factors such city location, after office hours, holidays, etc). 


*Service Plan Recommendations are evaluated during the interview process and are based on individual needs and affordability. For this reason, our specific recommendations are not posted on the website.