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Bronze Level 1*

Silver Level 2*

Gold Level 3*

Cinema Level 4*


Registration Fee        $20.00


Registration Fee $100.00

                          Registration Fee $150.00


                         Registration Fee   $50.00


Platinum Level 5***

                          Registration Fee $200.00


let's get started! This level is for children ages 0-5 or (Pre-K). The benefits of this level are that college cash accumulations will be matched longer by our company. Ask about our 10 PAY option. You can contribute to your child. grandchild for 10 years and we will take it from there. This is also great for those who would like to sponsor a child also.  (STEP 1)

This level is for children ages 6-10 or (Grades 1st thru 5th). The benefits of this level are that students will be enrolled in our "reading carnival"  and the emphasis at this stage will be on literacy. Students will have an opportunity to learn at least one foreign language and be inducted in our STEM WARS program.  Charter School access to one of our schools in our network. *Insurance for education (STEPS 1 & 2)    10Pay

This level is for children ages 11-13 or (Grades 6th thru 8th). The benefits of this level are that our students at this stage will begin the Standardized Test Academy as they are being prepared to be inducted into our 9th-grade Academy/ Ambassador Program.  Ask about our charter school affiliations and the beginning of our scholarships for you!! (STEPS 1 thru 4)   10Pay

This level is for children ages 14-18 or (Grades 9th thru 12th). Our students enter high school in our 9th-grade academy which involves a mentor. The emphasis at this stage is on completing the college/ trade school and entrepreneurship process. This process includes everything from college tours to "full Scholarships" for our students who apply themselves. (STEPS 1 thru 6)

This level is for students of all ages. The benefits of this level are that students can get assistance with going back to school, FAFSA, Scholarship/searches, Internships, and even some college student loan debt relief. We also assist students with transferring from one college to another. The final step of this process is job and career placement.  (STEPS 1 thru 10) 


*We provide insurance products that serve as a great vehicle for students preparing to go to college.  ASK ABOUT THIS TODAY!!!

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