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                                                         Welcome to SAT/ACT Prep!

Here is where you will learn valuable tools and techniques to Ace the test. Your test scores are ultimately equivalent to money… Scholarship money to be exact.







We are ecstatic that you and your family have decided to take the steps towards securing your educational future and success!


We will also serve as a personal success coach to help your student stay on task and provide helpful tips and inside information relevant to moving towards college with momentum.

Here’s how it works:

  1. All payments are due upon receipt of invoice but no later than 2 days before each session (Payments are already included for those that already selected and paid for the Test Prep Series)

  2. Each student is then provided a classroom link and a contact number

  3. They are to designate a specific notebook for SAT/ACT prep and bring it to each session           

  4. Student will be responsible for logging into class and contacting designated Test Prep Trainer at our scheduled time


*Due to having reserved times, payments are still due for all no-shows and missed sessions* 

What’s involved:


Each session is 30 minutes/ with a 10 session commitment minimum

First session is introduction, setting expectations, Q&A,

Second session, raw testing to locate strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve

Consecutive sessions involve intense strategy training on reading, writing and math sections and teach backs

Retest with strategies to test effectiveness and retention.

Evaluate scores with student to locate progression and improvement in scores


What I need from parents:


2. My goal is to cultivate responsibility so have them log in weekly even when they don’t want to. This is also about building character and accountability.

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the greatness to come!










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