The Progressive Plan

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About the Progressive Plan


Welcome to our Progressive Plan. This plan was designed for families of students that are just getting started with college preparation in high school. The goal of this plan is to encourage students (and their families) to be progressive in their approach to academics and the rest of the areas of college preparation. 


The goal at this stage is to stress the importance of doing well in the core classes. Students the rule of the day is "critical thinking" and you will never master this ability unless you are willing to take challenging classes in core academic subjects. In March of  2016, the new SAT with a total possible score of 1600 was re-established replacing the old SAT that had a total possible score of 2400. This new SAT demands that the student has the ability to critically think. The student that does not develop the ability needed to intellectually, actively and skillfully apply the analysis of information gathered or generated by observation, experiences, reflection, reasoning or communication in order to derive at a belief or action will not do well on the new SAT. This is also true regarding the new corporate business model. Yes, this is the new worldview that sets the framework to keep pace with the world. 


While performing well academically is necessary to get scholarships for college it is critical for students to get involved and stay involved in school -or - community-based activities that interest them or let them explore career interest. Over 68% of scholarship foundations require that students can show that they are involved in activities outside of the classroom. 


In keeping with being progressive, we attempt to rescue families that have been misled into just relying on the $27,000 down payment plan. 

For those who are unsure of what this "plan" is, $27,000 is the maximum amount of money your children can have in Federal Direct loans, in their names, over four years of college for an undergraduate degree. So, if four years of college cost $100,000 and your children borrow $27,000, who gets stuck with the other $73,000? You do, the parents. What if college costs $200,000 then you will have a $173,000 problem. To assure that this does not become you complete the application and a professional college representative and licensed adviser will contact you. 




*Students on this plan may be eligible for a care package. Often students are away from home and fall on hard times, so as a courtesy of College Planning Services, we may send them a care package as a way of saying thank you for using our services and we hope that things get better for you soon.