Questions and Answers

To better assist families with our College Planning Services platform


Are your services affordable?-Yes, we actually have a DISCOUNTED membership for those that are facing financial hardships and make lower incomes (based on what is deemed "low income" based on the part of the country family resides in).Our services are reasonable based on other areas of services that one may purchase on a monthly basis such a hair care, entertainment or a cell phone. Ask your college recruiter about this DISCOUNT. Must be done at the point of application. 


What age do I have to be to become a member? -We offer services to individuals starting at birth to adulthood so you are welcome to start at any age.


Can I just get (individual) services without registering on your website? NO, Our company policy is that we can not contact you to provide services unless you complete a form to give us permission to contact you.



I met one of your representatives at a public event such as a college fair and signed up. Do I have to still register on your website? - Yes, because typically our representatives are usually too busy at the events informing families of college preparation to be able to get individuals to sign up online. If you were able to sign up online at an event the answer to this question would be NO because you have already signed up.  Did you complete your registration? 



Do you offer specials for your program?  -Yes, for those who                                               at least 3 social media pages associated with our program. Also for those who meet our guidelines and deadlines.


What if I am a "C" average student is there help for me in this program? - Yes, since the average student is a "C" average student we even provide scholarships to "C" average students that can prove that this was the best they could do under their current situation. Must provide a recommendation letter from an educator, religious leader or Business owner that is not related to student/family.



Can I get services as I need them? No, after you have completed the necessary process to be approved for the program you will be given a "road map" based on your interview. Our experts and professionals will provide you what you need. 


Are there advantages of starting this program before my child is in middle school? Yes, your child will have more time to accumulate cash, more time to take advantage of our academic programs and perks. 



I am a Senior in high school am I too late? No, remember you are never too late to start our program. You will just be admitted under the terms and conditions that apply to you at the time you enter. Please understand this high school SENIOR. You lose a lot of financial leverage from colleges the closer you get to your graduation day without being "college ready". If you don't know what this means you should contact us immediately. Do not wait!! 


What if I make too much money? Membership in our program is not based on how much money you make. All income levels can register and benefit from our services. As a side note in this country those who make the most money usually pay less for college because they invest the most time and effort to make sure they get the necessary resources to position their children to get the most FREE money and they start early enough to accumulate the most money to pay for their children's college expenses later. 


How long has your program been around? 19 years, We were launched in January of 2002 in Columbia, South Carolina but now our main office is in Atlanta, Georgia.  


What is the success level of your program? The word "success" would mean different things to the many families that we have assisted over the years. What do you mean? We are glad that you asked...A single mother who has children who needed school supplies and clothes for her children and they were provided by us may deem us successful, a family with a son that "mysteriously" shut down and started flunking out of high school and he was able to get back on track after contacting us. They may deem us successful. The college student that was stressing over how they were going to get the extra money to pay for their tuition or books for school may deem us a successful company after they received money to relieve their stress. While we are always thankful that we are able to help in the many situations like this that we encounter, however, we base our success on how well we are able to take our students through 5  of these 7 major areas of our company (1) Academics (the basics), (2) Honors/ Scholarship, (3) Entrepreneurship/ Career, (4) Saved the family/student money, (5) Saved the family/student time(6) Student graduated from prospective institution and (7) and most important to us-The student gained or maintained an excellent level of leadership and character. 


Based on our expectations the list below shows our reported levels of success. 


Prior to 2010 we were at 82%   2010-87% 2011- 89%  2012- 91% 2013-91%  2014-94% 2015-94% 2016-96% 2017-97%,   2018-97%  2019-97% 2019-97% 


Do you charge to do workshops (for example schools, churches, etc?) No, if the event is guaranteed to have at least 30 families that have committed to being there. (Event Bright, RSVP, or a way that promoter has produced to invite attendees. The event must be within 75 miles of one of our representatives or offices. If the event is over 75 miles we will charge $150 up to 100 miles. $250 for 100 to 200 miles. For events over 200 miles, special arrangements have to be made. 





What are your credentials? We work with various educators (teachers, principals, superintendents, etc)  We are certified with the Department of Education and Department of Post -Secondary Education and other organizations based in Georgia and other school districts across the country.