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PREPARED FOR: Student Name                                                       CPTS# 00XXXX

ESTIMATED AMOUNT F/C: $XXXXX                                                    AGE:  XX

COLLEGE: PUBLIC/ IN STATE                                                               SET ASIDE AMOIUNT: $1,500

OWNER: . Parent Name                                                                       PREPARED BY: Agent's Name 

 COLLEGE CHOICE: SUD/N/A                                                           (MONTHLY OPTION/ C/O 2022                                                                              SPONSORED CONTRACT



The college for XXXXXXXXXXX still undetermined (SUD) at the time of the contract. A college will need to be identified within the next 60 to 90 days. This information will be drawn from the interview (Step 2) of our program  and doing a college and major search (Step 6) of our program.

* Estimated amount for college (EAFC) is what we go after as a company against what the college actually bill for minus FAFSA.  



BENEFITS PAYABLE TO THE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION: Funds that are accumulated in and as a result of this program will be awarded to the student via the specific College or University of the student's choice and acceptance. CPTS is not responsible for funds loss as a result of student withdrawing from or failing classes from the prospective school. 


USE OF FUNDING WITH SPONSORSHIP :  If student AFTER reaching the 12th grade (completion of senior year) decide not to attend a prospective university the funds accumulated in an INSURANCE PLAN will be process based on the stipulations of the insurance contract. Any funds (contributions) provided through a SPONSORSHIP to the CPTS program may be transferred to another student.


FUNDS ACCUMULATIONS AND STATEMENT: Depending on when you began the CPTS college program you may have accumulated a sizeable amount of funds by the 12th grade year of high school. These funds can be accumulated through one of our recommended insurance plans, scholarships from various stages in CPTS beginning in Elementary School or a SPONSORSHIP or through our many other resources. Any scholarship applications and/or  funding will be shown in your student portal. Check with your CPTS professional if you have any questions. 





The Owner, as of the date payment is made and we issue this contract (Contract Date), is named on the Contract Specifications pages. The Owner may be the Applicant or someone other than the Applicant.  If another person is to become the Owner after the contract Date, we must approve and record such change at the Executive level of our company before it can go into effect. This does not apply to insurance products because they are under the jurisdiction of the individual insurance companies. 





The rights of the Applicant, while a minor, may be exercised, in order, by the: 

  1. Owner, if other than the Applicant

  2. Applicant, if other than minor on contract;

  3. Minor applicant's father or mother; 

  4. Minor applicant's legal guardian or approved person. 

Students that are 18 years old or older may apply for CPTS as an adult and thus become the Owner of the program (contract). upfront



All applicants must first pay a application fee of $150 before being interviewed in the CPTS program. In rare cases a waiver can be provided to students who demonstrate a critical financial need. This waiver may be considered first for those who have sponsors and other stipulations. Speak with your CPTS professional. A waiver is a privilege not a right. 


Contributions and payments submitted by the SPONSOR will be transferred to CPTS once the interview and application has been completed. This funding will cover the cost of the College Planning TODAY Service program. It will give the student full rights, benefits and privileges as long as student remains in good standing with the prospect college/university or trade school.  



I have read and understand that CPTS has a 10 Step process from Conversation to Career. Step 1 (Conversation) with you, Step 2 (Interview minor age student and parent), Step 3 (Roadmap and entrance into the CPTS portal), Step 4 (We will address the benchmarks of academics required by colleges), Step 5 (We will address the financial aspects of going to college FAFSA, Scholarships, etc), Step 6 (Your college planning professional will do a search of colleges or trade schools) based on the interview, and current options. Step 7 (Interviews are a must! Without this your degree can become obsolete within 3 years) We prepare students for pipelines to college and career). Step 8. (Professional Development and Ethics. We address the moral obligations that individuals must consider in college, the workplace and in society). Step 9. (We work with the community and our partners to assist our students with finding their first job) and Step 10. (Careers) Our commitment to the success of our students extend to helping them with resources to provide life skills and a career. 


When students work hard and achieve great milestones they may be inducted into our academy (usually 8 and 9th grade) and/or the Ambassador program for high achievers (usually beginning in the 10th grade).




I have read and understand that CPTS assist students in the College Planning TODAY Services (CPTS) program beginning at birth up to the Ph.D level programs. While we assist students at varies points of grade or college status, we must look at each student circumstance to determine to what degree we can assist them. CPTS is not a "get a quick fix" program. There are timelines and beach marks that must be met. It usually take at least 60 to 90 days to fully build out the portfolio for the student before approaching colleges and universities. CPTS is not responsible for individuals that procrastinate and do not meet deadlines.  A timeline will be discussed with students as they enter the CPTS program. 


I have read and understand: 

  • All the information in my application to CPTS and interview are complete and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that CPTS is not an insurance company but I may discuss insurance benefits for college with their professionals in this area. 

  • Except as stated, no benefits will take place unless the first mode of contribution is paid and contract is delivered to owner or upon approval of applicant. 

  • No CPTS associate has the authority to waive any answers or otherwise modify this  contract to bind CPTS, hereinafter  called "company", in any way by making promises or representation which is not set out in writing in this contract. 

  • Representative of this company do not have the authority  to promise scholarships or amount of scholarships. These are done at the corporate level and they are based on many factors that the applicant may or may not qualify. 

  • $ Sponsored  has been requested by the associate as the first mode of payment for the CPTS program. 

  • $150 application fee has been paid. 

  • That I am giving CPTS permission to assist my child (student named in contract) with college and/ or career preparation. This means that I agree to follow their professional recommendations and even allow them to speak with others involved in this educational journey (teachers ,HS guidance counselors and prospective college personnel).  If I divert from their instruction by branching out on my own or follow the advice of others without the approval of CPTS this will constitute a breach in this contract, thus CPTS will not take any responsibility for your change in direction. 


I have read and understand the scope of this contract and by printing it off and signing here ______________________________ OR by emailing "your initials"  and the word "I agree" will begin the CPTS process at Step 3.   


If you have any questions about this contract please contact your college planning professional as soon as possible. 



We look forward to serving your college planning needs! 

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