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GED Testing Service recently lowered the passing score on the high school equivalency test. North Carolina is one of 33 states that’s recognizing the lower score.

The change is retroactive to Jan. 1, 2014, when the new GED came out. That means about 760 people across North Carolina will get their high school equivalency diplomas.

GED Testing Service lowered the passing rate by 5 points — from 150 to 145 — on each section of its 4-part test.

In a statement on its website, GED Testing Service said the new score more accurately reflects high school-level abilities.The testing firm also added two new scoring categories.

Test-takers who score between 165 and 174 on a GED section get a “College Ready” designation, which might exempt some students from college placement tests or remedial college courses.

Test-takers who score between 175 and 200 get a “College Ready + Credit” label. That will make some students eligible for up to 10 hours of college credit, depending on the college they go on to attend.

Both of these new designations replace the old “GED with Honors” label that went to those who scored more than 170. These new score levels, like the new passing score, are retroactive to January 2014.

North Carolina’s community colleges give the GED, which was overhauled and made more rigorous in 2014.

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