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Many do not have to look very far to realize that the once middle class, minority and "underserved" students continue to lag behind in receiving a quality high school education and a chance at affording a college education. This postion sets many up to later be unemployed, live on government housing and sadly turn to crime. There is an annoying distaste for the facts of what we continue to see in many of our cities around this country but few feel any hope of this trend ever changing.

Recently educators, parents and business leaders met from cities like Atlanta (GA), Columbia (SC), Charlotte (NC), Birmingham (AL), Miami (FL), Philadelphia (PA) ,Houston (TX) and surrounding cities to discuss a simple plan to bring our parents, schools and communities together. Emotions ran high as it was announced that a great part of the money concern for our children in the community was solved. Parents were gathered together into one room and the committee chairman announced to the parents that he had some good news and some bad news. He said the good news is that we now have all of the monies needed to support our children from Pre-K to College and there was an uproar of excitement, raised hands to God, hugs and tears. Then the chairman said hey but wait, there is some bad news. As the crowd slowly quieted down he said the bad is this, the money is in your pockets!

When parents refuse to set money aside for their children's edcuation they indirectly fund their poverty. Did you know that for the price of a 16 oz bottle of coke each day you could build a financial college portfolio for your child? Can you start with $30 to $50 for your child?

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