Are You Prepared? Really?

The future belongs to our children. The ones who will succeed are those who are equipped to compete in tomorrow's marketplace. Current high school seniors, the class of 2017 will face an average college tuition and incidental cost of $27,796 per year ($111,184-Total ) In State (Public), $38,128 per year ($152,512-Total) Out of State (Public) and $63,174 per year ($252,696-Total) (Private). Financial Aid "FREE MONEY" will most likely only pay a maximum of $5,770 if you qualify. The students that follow the class of 2017 will pay more!

Are you prepared? Probably NOT, RIGHT?

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is a college education. By applying for our Success Program TODAY, your child can reap the benefits for a lifetime to come.

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