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High School Juniors Are You on Target?

September 25, 2016


Each year we meet thousands of students at schools, churches, college fairs and various other events. We provide free brochures to encouage college preparation and awareness among students and their parents. High School Juniors, you have some things to DO this year. 


11th Grade: 


TO DO....all year

( ) Review where you are so far in high school. Take challenging classes in core academic subjects. Most colleges require four years of English, at least three years of social studies (history,civics, geography, economics, etc). three years of mathematics, and three years of science, and many now require two years of a foreign language. Round out your course load with classes in computer science and the arts. 

( ) Stay involved in school or community based activities that interest you or let you explore career interests. Consider working or volunteering. Remember scholarship organizations are looking for students that are well rounded. Just having a 4.0 GPA is not enough for many scholarships. 

( ) Take the PSAT/NMSQT* You must take this test in the 11th grade to qualify for scholarships and programs associated with the National Merit Scholarship Program. (This does not count in any other grade whether you take it or not!!) Benefit of doing well on this test is that you receive a "FULL SCHOLARSHIP" to college.