High School Seniors Are You on Target?

Over 150 billion dollars of "FREE MONEY" is on the table for those that properly prepare for it. Each year thousands of students forfeit millions of dollars because they either do not know what they need to know or they simple procrastinate in what they do know, nevertheless millions of dollars are returned to the federal government.

12th Graders: (FALL 2016)



( ) Narrow down the list of colleges, you are considering attending. If you can visit the schools of interest during their actual class times that would benefit you more.

( ) Contact colleges to request information and applications for admissions. Ask about financial aid, admissions requirements, and deadlines.

( ) Make sure that you have registered and take the SAT/ACT test. (Remember most colleges take the best of your 3 highest scores). DO NOT WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE TO START TAKING THESE TEST.

( ) Check with your high school guidance counselor to make sure you are on track to graduate. Do not assume you are. Students that are desiring to get MERIT SCHOLARHIP MONEY and/ or college credit make sure that you are taking the appropriate classes and test.



( ) Review your financial situation and make sure your child is looking into or already applied for scholarships.

( ) Make sure you are getting the proper information on how to "optimize" your FAFSA. If your EFC is too high that money will come out of your pocket. Remember you can file starting OCTOBER 1st 2016 this year

( ) Do not be afraid to pay for professional help if you know you need it. Many lose thousands of dollars trying to save a hundred dollars.

12 Graders (FALL 2017)

By March 1, 2017:

Most scholarships and financial aid will be exhausted

Most top colleges/universities will have already accepted the bulk of their students and much of the leaverage of resources will have been loss for those that waited too late to apply.

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