Learning How to Play the College "game"

As parents you should be commended for taking the time to learn how "the game" of college is played. Knowing how to play this "game" will determine how much debt you have, how much FREE money your child receives, and how long you have to work in order to pay for it all.

Picture this, as you're sitting in the audiance on graduation day and as the music starts and the graduates cross the stage, the person next to you say's "Can you believe how much money they gave us to go here? They practically paid us to send our son to this college." And you're thinking, "What are you talking about? All I got are parent PLUS loans that have me saddled with $82,000 in debt I'll be paying off right up to retirement -if I'm lucky!"

What is the point here? The later you prepare for college the harder it will be to accumulate resources for college and after they graduate you can't negotiate. You will not be able to make changes! Your opportunity to get more financial aid occurs BEFORE your children start college. It is better you understand this now rather than $100,000 later. The benefits of maximizing an award for college doesn't begin with FAFSA, it begins when you start to plan on paying for college - when your children are born. The earlier you start to plan and understand the FAFSA, the more choices and the more control your family will have.

Those who fail to plan, who think they can't benefit from planning, or who assume they can navigate the financial landscape of college, do so at their own peril. Many will unwittingly leave thousands of dollars on the table unnecessarily. Will you? Get started TODAY

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