Will you score or fumble?

Many people love the sport of football and spend countless hours watching it, thousands of dollars paying for it and exteme emotions pulling for their particular team(s). We want to win, but there is another "game" that is going on that we truly can not afford to lose. This is the "game" of college preparation.

Every year we comfort families that come to us AFTER they have fumble the ball of preparation that ultimately cost them thousands of dollars in loans, a setback with their future and the heartbreak of their children in "the game"! There's no disputing the importance of the position of the quarterback. The quarterback is not only the team's biggest decision maker, but his ability to make timely plays and efficiently manage the game routinely determines which team lands in the winner's circle at the end of the season.

STUDENTS understand that you are the "quarterbacks" of your future. This means you need to take challening classes, make good grades, good Standardized Test scores(PSAT,SAT and ACT), strive to develop your leadership skills (be Atypical not just typical), know that your character and behavior will make or break you on this "game season" towards college, good essays skills are important (because SAT requires it, most scholarship panels expects it and it is helpful in college), provide community services and obtain good recommendations because it shows others that you are well rounded in life.

PARENTS understand that you are the "center" on this field of your child's future. You are the first teacher of their lives so it is critical that you establish the importance of education. Read! Read! Read to your child because it leads to good grades.The Cost of Attendance (COA) for colleges now averages around $100,000, start as soon as your children are born to financially prepare for their future (Start with 2% to 4% of your monthly income, because if "titled" correctly for education it is tax deferred and does not hurt you when filling out the FAFSA later. When parents decide to have a college PLAN, it takes care of things on "the defence" like savings, EFC and one of "the hugest defenders on defence"-PROCRASTINATION. Parents have you made the right "plays" on the offense? The clock is ticking and soon the college game of preparation will be over? Will you score or fumble?

The "coaching professionals" at College Planning Services are here to help you.

Start TODAY.

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