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We Just Thought You Should Know...

October 10, 2016

 For many of you who have children in grade school now realize that they are already midway through the first part of the school year. For those of you with seniors in high school are starting to learn or be reminded that you will need thousands of dollars for college tuition soon. Everyday we receive questions regarding everything from "When should I start my child with AP courses?" to "What items causes my Expected Family Contribution to go up on my FAFSA?". Today we would like to take this time to have this candid conversation with you because there are a lot of changes this year that will effect you in the realm of education. These changes will effect you whether you know about them or not. After conducting hundreds of workshops, college fairs and community events where we provide helpful information pertaining to college preparation, some continue to ask how and why we work so hard to inform people. Our answer continue to be.... because we just thought you should know.


What should you know:


Children born after 2008 can expect to pay $212,000 to attend a State University and $566,000 to attend a Private College. Saving on your own would amount to about $1,104 per month for a State University and about $2,777 a month for a Private College. Starting at the infancy age of your child for just $20 or more a month you can start the process of building a college and or entrepreneurship portfolio on our Success Plan. This plan allows your child to have money for college and also for retirement. The years will pass quickly and with the Success Plan you won't have to ask yourself later "Why didn't I get started earlier". To start now click HERE



 There are millions of dollars available for students that desire to major in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. Along with money there are trips and events that enhance the interest of students in these areas of study. Request information about our STEM program and the STEM WARS events in Atlanta that is held usually in January, April and September of each year. To register click HERE


 Scholarships are now available for students that prepare for them. There are scholarships for students with a GPA of 2.0 to 2.9 (C-Average Encouragement Scholarship).  There is the (I Want to Go to College Scholarship) for students that live in the Dallas/Tyler Texas area. Ask how you can go to college for about $2,999 a semester. CPS Ambassador Scho