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HS Seniors Now At Crossroads

November 28, 2016


High School Seniors are now approaching the end the first half of the school year and the end of the year in general. Getting caught on the wrong side of the "track" of college preparation will prove costly if students and parents do not act on the deadlines that are in place. At this point most of the colleges that have money for gifting programs have already been contacted to provide funding for students that have already applied, been accepted, provided their standardized test scores and met their benchmarks for admissions. This benefits the student  because it assures them not only the best chance of college acceptance but also the best opportunity at resources. This benefits the colleges because they want to get a head start in accepting only students that are serious about attending their institution. The month of December serves as the end of Phase One of Early Admissions and for Standardize Test to be available.

Note: Since FAFSA was moved up by 3 months (from January 1, 2017 to October 1, 2016) so will the time frame for money to be available. Instead of March 1st being noted as the day that most funds are depleted this year January 1st will be that day! Do not let the year (2016) end with an end to your college funding opportunities. 


ACT Test Date                               Registration Deadline                      ACT Scores Available

December 10, 2016                      Nov. 4, 2016                                      Dec. 20, 2016


SAT Test Date                              Registration Deadline                       SAT Scores Available

December 3, 2016                       Nov. 3, 2016                                       Dec. 22, 2016


Review our College Preparation Checklist (for 12 graders) -September 25, 2016


High School Senior!!!


(1) Have you applied for colleges yet? 

(2) Have you applied for scholarships yet? 

(3) How are your grades looking? 

(4) Have you taken the SAT or ACT? 

(5) Are you involved in school activites and/ or community services?