Here is the Merit $ecret

How many times have you looked back in your life and said, "I wish I knew about that 20 years ago? I would have saved time and money or I would have made so much money?"

This is what parents are saying now after College Planning Services recently began holding training classes for students in their program to train as young as elementary school for standardized testing. The $ecret is in not only investing early in your child's education but in investing in the preparation of taking of the standardize test! Some organizations charge as much as $1,000 to $2,300 per student but with our introductory offer CPS will charge $800 for the 5 week standardized test preparation class ($700 with our special promo code). Financing available!

Many have learned too late that getting good grades is only half of the battle to qualify for really good colleges and universities. Did you know that your child can have a 4.0 gpa and still not qualify to get in college if they do not have the right SAT/ACT? Did you know that just because you have a good gpa it does not mean you qualify for top scholarships?

The recipe for getting the maximimun amount funding for college revolve around the student getting a good grade point average, being involved in school/community activities, and getting a good score on standardize test. Families of students that attend colleges that cost in excess of $250,000 while they only pay about $15,000 have already learn this secret. Invest early as possible in preparation and training now on the front end of your child's educational experience and you will reap the benefits on the back end. The law of "reaping what you sow" also applies to education.

These services are offered to individual families, community organizations, business entities and church/religious groups. Ask about our group rates for 20 or more students.

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