Get the Most Out of College Preparation

If your family is gearing up to make a college decision in the coming months,understand that the closer your child gets to graduating from high school the more difficult it will be to negotiate. Negotiate what? Colleges, lower college prices and scholarship opportunities.

The College Financial Crisis As parents, you should be commended for taking the time to learn about how the college game is played. Yes, it is a game and your outcome is not pre-determined, rather it is the result of how you played it. The difference between you owing student loans for the next 20 years or a college paying you to attend their institution is dependent on you knowing the "rules" of the game.

Explore Your Options Well in Advance

You will "reap what you sow" in this game! Decide now whether you are going to start early (at least during your child's elementary school years) or start late (when they reach high school). If you start early you and your child stands a better chance of benefiting from cash accumulations, better college benchmarks, college "gifting", leveraging and a greater Return on Investment (ROI). If you start late you will have to work harder to try to avoid the same fate that 44 million people in this country now face who played this game while not knowing the rules. They have now been dealt a hand at the tune of 1.2 trillion dollars in student loan debt.

Budget Appropriately

Did you know that families can now get college preparation tools for as little as $7.99 a month if they start early? In this college "game" you will do well to invest money in your preparation (charter schools, test preparation and/or professional college planning). You will pay now or you will pay later. In the class of 2017 thousands of students even with GPA's as high as a 4.3 did not get into the best colleges nor grab the top scholarships because they did not score well enough on the standardized test. Some companies charge as much $2,300 per student to prepare students for these test. Did you know that you can get these services for as low as $700 until August 2017 if you ACT NOW?

Higher education is a serious financial investment

In spite of all the research you do online, nothing beats going to the source, so make those firsthand moments count. College Planning Services spend much time, money and efforts to educate the public on the need to start early to prepare children to meet the challenge of being "college and career ready". Will you continue to ignore emails like this or will you act TODAY? Will you ensure that your child has what he or she needs to meet the challenges of the college "game" of gaining a higher education?