Getting on the right track in college

LET'S GET YOU ON THE RIGHT TRACK- You are now out of high school (some of you may have already started attending your high school class reunions). It is important you have several things in place and College Planning TODAY Services will help you.

First it is important that you know that you must prepare before you start each semester of school. This means that you must know what classes you will need to take (see your college academic advisor), Optimize your FAFSA, Make sure that you have applied to scholarships, and make sure you have what you need to cover your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

Did you get any college "gifting"? Ask your college representative at College Planning Services how you may qualify to obtain additional funding through "gifting". Students who are on "LEVEL 3" status with CPS will have this a part of their portfolio option while representatives will aggressively go out "gifting" for Level 4 & 5 students. Gifting can add up to over $100,000!

Ok some of you have already "jump the gun" with college. What's with the face? You read that right! Some of you have gone to high school, then went to some college fair and a college recruiter encouraged you to attend their particular college. You out of excitement of maybe just confusion applied not having any time spent or investment in college preparation. Now you are at this college with no decision about a major, no scholarships and no money! You have set yourself up to pay more for college. This is a FALSE START !!

With the right resources, plan,funding and mindset about college you will soon be running ahead of the crowd. While others around you will bouncing from one school or major to another, stressing over money for college or simply quitting, you will be flying high on your dreams. When you invest what you need in your future it will always give you the extra drive and stamina to put your energy where it really needs to be...on your studies in school! Get the edge now by deciding what LEVEL of success that you desire to have.

Every year hundreds of students go across the stage at graduation with completion of college under 6 years, very little to no student loans and a lucrative career waiting for them.. WHAT A FINISH LINE!

Do you think anyone that goes across the finish line ahead of all of the odds and competition did so without an investment of time and the cost of preparation?

Will YOU?