Affordable College Planning Options

College Planning TODAY Services is currently offering services at 1/2 off until the end of September 2020. Due to the strain that many Americans are experiencing at this time along with the concerns about returning to the classroom, the professionals at CPTS are offering many affordable options. In the past families were urged to get 529 plans even though they were not educated on the risk and other disadvantages of most of those plans. We have a more direct approach to college planning and cash accumulations for secondary education. In nearly 20 years of our company's existence we have continued to get parents to understand that they must be proactive involving college preparation. Your opportunity to get more financial aid occurs long before your child start college. You must understand that the closer that your child gets to graduation from high school, the closer they get to losing more leverage (money). In other words you won't be able to negotiate the price tag of paying for college.

It is very important that you understand these things now so that you can maximize your awards and other offers before your child accept enrollment.

All of this does not start with the FAFSA (Oct. 1st) of your child's senior year of high school; it begins when you start to plan on paying for college - when your children are born.

Those who fail to plan, because they think they can't afford to plan or assume they won't benefit from planning do so at their own risk. Too many are leaving thousands of dollars on the table because either they wait too late to get started or never get started.

For the month of September high school students can get started for half off. (Limited time offer). Get Started Now.

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