Student Blessing Program

Get the sponsorship your student needs from birth to college for the journey ahead.

Student Blessing Program

Get the sponsorship your student needs from birth to college for the journey ahead.

About the Student Blessing Program

This is a SPONSORED PLAN.  Individuals can make donations to and or support an individual on this plan. Every day in this country we lose children who do not have support from family or maybe because their family does not have the resources to assist them. This plan is for families with a child or children that the company considers to be “at risk” or "underserved" students. Under the guidelines of this plan, the student will receive various resources and support to assist them in reaching their dream of greatness and self-sufficiency.


How does one become a potential candidate for the Student Blessing Program? He or She must either personally apply or must be recommended by a family member, friend, educator or business. They must register on our site and write a statement telling us why the student should be approved to be on the Student Blessing Program. Send your request to OR Call (800) 811-4546 Ext. 22. This is a 501(c)3 program and donations are tax deductible.


  • We are losing too many of our young people to violence, misdirection, and no direction. This PLAN is an attempt by our Student Blessing Program under College Planning TODAY Services to save as many of these precious children as we can! All children are important and we love all of our children.

  • Age requirements for students are birth to 30 years old to be admitted into this program. Individuals over 30 must receive additional approval from our corporate office to be on this program. We also serve individuals that are not in college! 











Every baby deserves a positive start to life.  Our Blessed at Birth program brings help and hope to homeless and impoverished babies by providing for their emergent health and well-being.  Every Blessing Basket that we prepare and deliver is tailored to the needs of each individual child and provides all of the new basics that baby needs. Soft blankets, fresh clothing, diapers and wipes, critical healthcare items, feeding supplies, educational materials and more—these gifts of love and support fill each and every basket. 


Whether beginning life in shelters or domestic violence programs, at temporary maternity centers or in supportive housing communities, this program provides a healthy and positive start for the tiniest victims of poverty. For new mothers, worry and stress turn into joyful blessings and promote positive bonding between mother and child. 









































































Every child is a shining star, regardless of circumstance. Our birthday program brings

this message of joy and positive recognition to homeless and impoverished children whose

special day may otherwise go unnoticed. 


At shelters and housing programs, this program offers all the traditional birthday fun, plus educational and enrichment activities.  Our parties include meals, cupcakes, treat bags and lots of love and attention for the kids!  Many of these children have never experienced a birthday party or received new presents, but being in the spotlight and feeling a positive sense of self are oftentimes the gifts that mean the most.


For transient homeless students, our birthday and care packages are delivered anonymously to local schools. Elementary age students receive birthday treats to share with classmates, giving them a chance to feel confident and a sense of normalcy among peers. Middle and high school students receive a birthday bag with supplies and special sweets to take ‘home’ and celebrate with family.  All students served also receive new presents, books and academic supplies, healthy snacks, as well as a care & comfort set.  


Many of the impoverished children we serve are living in Supportive Housing units, often with siblings and a single parent who has limited income and resources.  Financial strain for these parents comes with tough challenges like how to maintain rent while buying groceries and other items the family needs.  When even the most basic of necessities are too often scarce, birthdays become nothing more than a distant wish for these kids. Our Family Party Packs provide everything struggling parents need to bake, decorate and serve up big birthday smiles.  Decorations, supplies, and a few gifts help complete each party pack to help birthday wishes come true for disadvantaged children.

Our Gift of Care program provides basic essentials to thousands of homeless and

impoverished children across our local communities every year.  Good health and hygiene,

a sense of security, and proper nutrition are all crucial factors in the physical and emotional

development of children. 


Did you know? 
  • Homeless children are sick four times more often than children with stable living arrangements.
       – National Center on Family Homelessness
  • Children in poverty often live in conditions unsuitable for attaining optimal sleep, which contributes to health and behavioral problems. 
       – American Psychological Association
  • Homeless children go hungry at twice the rate of other children and frequently suffer inadequate nutrition.
       – Institute for Children and Poverty

College Planning TODAY Services Daily Blessings program works to help ease these effects of poverty for the children

we serve by supporting them with healthy snacks, hygiene kits, and comfort items

like blankets and stuffed animals.


Every winter, we provide hundreds of warm fleece blankets to children in overcrowded shelters. 

Kids served through our birthday program receive bath and personal care sets in their gift packages, and little ones served through our baby program receive healthcare kits, food and feeding supplies in their Blessing Baskets. Healthy snack packs are distributed throughout the year to every child we serve, and all transient children also receive soft blankets and pillows to serve as portable bedding when they move from place to place.  Transient elementary children receive new stuffed animals for a sense of security on nights when they sleep in unfamiliar places, and thousands of hygiene items including shampoo, soap, washcloths, and oral care supplies are distributed to help improve basic hygiene and decrease the risk of illness.

In partnership with various community businesses, and thanks to the generosity of local donors, our Gift of Literacy program distributes more than 6,000 new books each year to the children we serve. 

All children served through our birthday program receive a set of new, age-appropriate books as part of their gift package.  Additionally, throughout the year, we provide books to every child staying at the shelters, housing programs and domestic violence facilities that we serve.  Board books and first readers are essential components to our baby program, as well.  Each Blessing Basket that we prepare includes new books for the child tools to promote early literacy and an opportunity to encourage positive parent-child bonding. 

Literacy & Learning Go Hand-in-Hand 

For disadvantaged children, the path to academic success is often hindered by roadblocks along the way. With little or no resources for school supplies and learning tools, many of these otherwise capable students lag behind their peers academically.  When a family struggles to maintain housing and utilities, everyday basics like school supplies, books, and snacks easily fall to the wayside. Additionally, for transient children with high mobility rates, keeping up with homework and projects becomes even more of a challenge. 



Poverty impacts education.  When a student is hungry at snack time but has nothing to eat, he becomes irritable and unable to concentrate.  When she runs out of notebooks or paper, she can’t complete her assignments as required. When there is no place to call home—no desk or table to work at—he loses his motivation to learn. And when classmates ignore or giggle because she doesn’t look clean, she feels too embarrassed to participate in activities. 


Our Gift of Literacy program goes beyond the books to help fill gaps where poverty undermines promise. By providing the kids we serve with portable lap desks, new school supplies, snacks for school days, and hygiene sets for personal care, College Planning Services is committed to helping disadvantaged kids overcome their circumstances and rise to their academic potential. 

Never in the history of our time have we seen so many homeless young people on our streets. They are there for many reasons but whatever reason that they are there we will do our best to reach out to them. They all are worth attempting to save.
This group from 16 to 30 are the future of this country and world, and it would do everybody well to invest the effort to help them. 
We will provide food, clothing, shelter, professional counseling, gospel teaching and even educational / career training for those who are truly interested. 
If you are someone you know is in this condition we are here to assist you. 
Call (800) 811-4546 Ext. 34  OR (404) 458-7264 (if no one answers leave your name, phone number, best time to call you back and the nature of your call).