Other expenses, such as room and board, are not qualified expenses. ... That means the full $2,500 credit may be available to a taxpayer who pays $4,000 or more in qualified expenses for an eligible student. Forty percent of the American OpportunityTax Credit is refundable.


Parents and students forfeit an average of $1,850 each year not including other benefits because they are not aware of the tax code, deductions, credits and resources that are available. 

Great News For Parents and Students​

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Many businesses will be advertising for you to use your tax refund to buy household appliances, furniture, cars etc but you can now do something bigger and better!

Leave an inheritance to Even your children’s children




For children ages

0 to 10 years old

(Birth to Elementary School)

For children ages

11 to 13 years old

(Middle School)

For students ages

14 to 18 years old

(High School)

For individuals at least 18 years old 

(Out of High School) 

This option provides the opportunity to start a savings plan (a cash accumulation) for your child using our  program starting even now!!!

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What are some of the benefits of each option? 
Option 1: One of the major emphasis of our company is college and career readiness and without literacy, this will never happen. From birth until age 10 we heavily promote the importance of reading. Ask about how you can accumulate from $20,000 up to $100,000 for your child's future. 
Option 2: It is no secret that many families continue to see their children obtain GPA's (grade point averages) as high as a 4.0 and yet struggle to score above a 1000 (SAT) . When students do well on the standardized test they receive full scholarships to college and get into the best colleges. The Standardized Test Prep Academy prepares students to do well on such test. 
Option 3: Currently, community colleges enroll more than 6 million students in the United States. Thirty percent of college and university students drop out after their first year. Half never graduate, and college completion rates in the United States have been stalled for more than three decades. Many students are not prepared to go to college! This is why we have an aggressive college preparation program that boasts a retention rate of over 97%. We assist with FAFSA optimization, Standardize test prep, Scholarships, Internships and more!  
Option 4:  Did you know that the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, and has not increased since July 2009? At this rate, many individuals struggle to make ends meet. To address this growing problem a goal of our company is to create more entrepreneurs. Students and other adults can use this network to pay for college and build a lucrative income.  Join CEN TODAY!!!
*In total, 29 states (and the District of Columbia) have now set a minimum wage level higher than the federal standard of $7.25 an hour. Aside from local districts, D.C. has the highest minimum wage in the U.S. at $11.50, followed by Massachusetts and Washington with $11.00 each.

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Tax Tips for Parents of College Students.

  • Tax Credits - reduces the actual amount of income tax owed.

  • Tax Deductions - reduces the amount of income that is subject to income taxes, thereby reducing the amount of taxes owed.

  • College Savings Plans - allows earnings on savings deposited to grow tax-free until money is taken out, or allows the distribution to be tax-free, or allows the distribution to be tax-free, or both

  • Exclusion for Income - allows certain education benefits (such as a scholarship) to be excluded as income for tax purposes.

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Above these income levels, the credit is phased out. The credit is based on 100% of the first $2,000 of qualifying college expenses and 25% of the next $2,000, for a maximum possible credit of $2,500. The American Opportunity Tax Credit can be claimed for as many eligible students as you have in your family.