To Whom It May Concern:


It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Anthony Weeks. He has been an instrumental part of my life and an incredible asset to our community.


Mr. Weeks and I reconnected through his involvement with College Planning Services. This was made available to my school community during my tenure at Tri-Cities High School. Additionally, I have taken advantage of the services for my own young children. His hands-on approach and full involvement has been invaluable, and I wish that there were more individuals who knew how about the value of these services. There is a great K-12 perspective that is offered through the services, and more people need to know about them.


We look forward to possibilities in Atlanta Public Schools. I currently oversee all high schools, and I foresee a gold mine of opportunities for students who wish to continue their education. Mr. Weeks and I have talked, and I am excited to know that there is much more than schools and families can take advantage of. Given this, I see this as a prime time for other schools and families to get involved with what he has to offer.


I fully endorse his work and highly recommend him for partnerships with other schools and families.





Dan A. Sims, Ed.D.

Associate Superintendent of Schools (9-12)