Whom We Cannot Help

Learn who we are not able to help within our College Planning platform

Slacker Kids-These are children with the wrong attitude, lazy and nonproductive. If we give you advice or instructions and the child doesn't have a desire to ever take it. It is a waste of our time and their parents time. 


Helicopter Parents-These are parents that must hold their children's  hand. You wont let your children grow up. If we give your child a scholarship application and you rush to fill it out for him or her. We can't help you. 


Your children must do the work. Parents you can not do the work for them. You wont be on the college campus with them.


Do it yourselfers- Should not call us or reach out to us. You will keep second guessing us . When we tell you what you should do, you will listen to everybody but us and when you mess up then you will expect us to fix it. 


Done -4-U-ers -This is not a "we do everything for you". We do things with you. This is a partnership.


People who do not want to hear the truth- These are people who have a child that has been sold a "pipe dream". Your child has a 2.3 GPA and a 700 on the SAT but still plans to go to Harvard. 


Unpleasant, Humorless blamers, whiners and complainers- These are the people who are frustrated and dissatisfied with their child's performance in school, the teachers, the school system, the government and the state of the world. We prefer not to be added to your list. 


Families who do not understand Return of Investment -. These are the parents that expect someone else  to pay for their child's, tuition, transportation to college, books, clothes and application to college. They and many times their child do not understand that a part of the price tag of going to college should come from them. They want all the benefits of going to college at the expense of someone else.